You can sell your music online to make money off your passion. Before now, unsigned artists usually move from one city to another just to get their music sold. Imagine the huge amount of money they would have to spend to accomplish this. however, this is no longer the case. Technology has disrupted the way we sell and consume music.

There have been a series of online music streaming platforms and stores that get music from anybody for a fee. Artists can get their music on iTunes, Spotify, Tik Tok, Deezer and many others. Once submitted, music can be downloaded and streamed for a fee by consumers. A percentage of the streaming and downloading fees goes to the artists. In these days of millions of streams and downloads, it is easy for artists to make a lot of money off their passion.

Getting music distributors to circulate your music

Music distributors help artists circulate their music on a wide list of digital music stores and platforms. Most artists do not have the budget and network of a musical distributor to submit their music on multiple platforms. But a music distributor helps unsigned and independent artists get their music out there. Music distributors help unknown artists sell their music and get discovered. Music distributors also help established artists make more money.

Some popular platforms you can submit your music

You can sell music online if you get a good music distribution platform to help you submit your music to multiple online music stores and streaming platforms.


Deezer: This is one of the biggest music streaming platforms and stores. It is a Paris-based music streaming service that currently has a rich catalogue of more than 73 million music tracks. Get your music on Tik Tok, Deezer, and others to make money. Deezer is connected to Sony Music and Warner Music Group.


Spotify: Spotify is a digital music store and streaming platform that is based in Sweden. It has a subscriber base of nearly 400 million. If you get your music on Spotify, you can easily get discovered and make a lot of money.


iTunes: iTunes is owned by Apple. They were one of the first online music streaming platforms. They help music lovers discover new music. If you put your music on iTunes, you will leverage the popularity of the service. People will easily discover your music and you will also earn royalties from streamed and downloaded music.


Selling your music online in 6 easy steps

So you want to sell your music online and make money off your passion. This is possible in six easy steps.

1). Look for a reliable music distribution service: A music distribution service is a platform that helps distribute your music to almost anywhere in the world. They give your music global coverage.

2). Sign up with the service: Once you get a genuine music distribution platform, you can easily sign up with them.

3). Upload your music file: Make a song and prepare the cover art. Get the song and cover art on the music distribution platform. You can upload as many songs as possible.

4). Fix a price for your song: Fix a price for your music.

5). Select a list of preferred music stores: Choose the music streaming platforms you like your music to appear in.

6). Watch the money roll in: Get ready to receive money for your music in the form of royalties. You get paid for every one of your songs that gets streamed and/or downloaded.