As far as company safety is concerned, American businesses are really losing out. A recent report published in 2012 by an insurance company showed a very alarming statistics:

Almost $13 billion loss has occurred simply due to accidents that are related to falls and slips. Also, one more American insurance company, reported that most falls and slips in commercial settings occur due to improperly kept floor surfaces. To cut it short, it looks like American businesses have to re-evaluate their current floormats and their maintenance strategies.

Fortunately, Ultimate Mats offers sufficient varieties in the matting industry so that business companies may select their safety mats for meeting their specific safety needs. You can find 50+ different varieties of floor mats, each of them may fall within any one of these matting categories as follows:

  • Scraper mats

These scraper mats can keep your floors perfectly clean whether you are running a posh office, or a little home-based company, or a fully functioning company.

  • Logo mats

These logo mats are standard mats that have also been further improved by adding graphics. One can print any company logo or brand message on them.

  • Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats are particularly designed to offer relief fatigue for any lower extremities and usually for those workers who may work for extended time on their feet.

  • Anti-static Mats

Such mats are specially designed for reducing any static discharge risk or electrical shock. You will mostly find them in computer labs.

  • Comfort flow mats

These mats are simply an upgraded form of the regular anti-fatigue mats described above. Besides added comfort and support, these mats will allow any liquids to easily pass through them.

  • Wiper mats

Wiper Mats can absorb and also contain moisture so that visitors can wipe their feet. They are available in either vinyl or rubber backing for extra slip-resistance.

  • Cocoa mats

These mats feature vinyl backing having industrial strength to keep these mats in the proper place during use. Besides, they are eco-friendly and also have a longer life span.

  • Recessed mats

This type of mat is used where there is high volume traffic as the recess will enable the mat to remain flush with ground that can reduce tripping hazard.

  • Recessed carpet tiles

These are quite similar to the above type of recessed mats. Unlike mats, these recessed carpet tiles will be modular and are actually pieced together for creating a tiled look. Carpet tiles can deliver a very high degree of control from moisture, dirt, and debris.

Many facilities prefer such recessed carpet tiles because of their striking geometric design.

  • Drainage Mats

These mats can quickly channel the entire water towards the floor, and keep the uppermost rubber walking surface fully dry and safe. There are a few drainage mats also available in the varieties of anti-fatigue to keep all employees fresh during their working hours.

These days, there are mat service companies available who will provide the essential maintenance and cleaning support. These companies will come to your premises to clean and also replace mats.