Inhaling CBD [cannabidiol] offers the highest bioavailability because it enters the bloodstream through the lungs thus bypassing the digestive system and its effects. Inhaling CBD can be performed in two ways – smoking CBD flower and vaping CBD oil.

What is smoking CBD flower?

The hemp plant’s bud in dried form is called CBD flower. The plant component with the highest CBD concentration is chosen to pick a strong CBD flower. This dried hemp flower is used to smoke CBD using a bowl or a joint.

What is vaping CBD oil better than smoking CBD flower?

Vaping involves inhaling heated e-liquid via specially designed CBD penJust CBD Store is the best online location to buy good quality CBD devices and varieties of cannabidiol products. CBD derived from hemp does not get you high. You can enjoy the purported health benefits of CBD vape juice but ensure to buy from a reputable distributor.

Vaping vs. smoking

Vaping is more inconspicuous

In vaping, the pungent smell of the CBD during use in dry vaporizers is extremely less. In smoking, traditional joints and bowls are used to combust the flowers, which leaves a lingering and unpleasant smell in the air.

Vape oil cartridge is a more discrete option. Besides, vape pens are compact and easily carried in a purse or pocket. Even in public, you just take a draw from the vape pen without grabbing unnecessary attention.

Vaping does not produce smoke

Unlike smoking, in vaping, there is no burning of hemp extract involved. Therefore there is no smoke produced. Everyone is aware of the ill effects of inhaling smoke from cannabis or tobacco. Smoking exposes people to carcinogenic compounds that impact their respiratory system badly.

The smoke smell also lingers on your clothes and in the room, which is not good if you plan to keep CBD use discreetly. Vaping CBD e-juices produces vapor and not smoke, which does not harm your respiratory system and there is no bad smell left behind.

Vaping maintains CBD flavor

Cannabis flower burning interferes with the integrity of the terpenes and cannabinoids, which impacts the taste. In vaping, you heat the e-juice until it vaporizes and does not burn. You can enjoy the natural CBD oil flavorings.

Vaping saves money

According to a study, 90% of cannabinoids get lost, when the dried hemp flower gets burnt. It means you need to burn more to experience the desired effect. Vaping is reported to preserve 95% cannabinoids, which means vaping CBD produces less waste than smoking. Thus you can use less CBD vape oil in comparison and save dollars down the road.

Vaping does not promote skin damage

Smoke inhalation damages the respiratory system bit exposure to carcinogens also promotes skin cell damage. During combustion, tar is produced and it has free radicals that affect skin health. This causes premature aging signs like clear lines, wrinkles, sagging, etc. In vaping, there is no combustion, so no problem with free radical damages.

Vaping is flexible

Smoking CBD needs an outdoor setting to avoid smell lingering inside the house. There is a need to look for an allocated smoking area. A Vape device offers a chance to regulate temperature and smell. Thus vape pens can be used indoor and outdoor without emitting disturbing weed aromas.

To use a vape pen, there is a learning curve but the benefits outweigh this drawback. With practice, learning the use of vape pens correctly is possible.