Bongs are the most useful smoke devices, which are designed for filtering the entire smoke through water so that you can inhale a cool and filtered hit whenever you use it. The bong is one of the trusted stalwarts among all your collection of smoke gears.

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What is a bong?

The bong is one of the most popular smoking devices, which is water-filtered and can produce cooler, smoother, and cleaner smoke. With proper filtration from the smoke obtained from concentrates or dried herbs through water, various water-dissolving molecules and heavy residue particles will not enter your respiratory system.

Although you can get bongs in endless varieties of sizes, styles, and shapes, but the following are 3 distinguishing features that you can find in their construction.

  • Water chamber:

The bong has a bulbous chamber for holding water, which will act as a filter and also cool the smoke to make you get a smoother smoke on your lungs and throat when you inhale it.

  • Tube:

After the smoke will pass through the water, it will flow up into a long-neck tube and will be out via the mouthpiece.

  • Down-stem:

The down-stem rests inside the water chamber and the top flares go into a bowl.  When the down-stem remains fixed, it will be accompanied by a small hole just above the line of water that remains covered by your thumb and is released by you when you are ready to clear this tube.

Guide to purchasing a bong

  • Bong material choices:

You must decide the purpose of using your bong. For dry herbs/waxes/concentrates prefer a traditional variety. If you want concentrates or oils then prefer a dab rig that will have a dab nail and will be a little smaller than traditional bongs.

  • Bong shape and style

There are varieties of bongs available today and the most common shapes are straight tubes and beakers. You can also find bongs having rounded bottoms.  The shape/style of bongs can impact their functionality and also effectiveness.

  • Glass thickness and quality

Cheaper bongs with “soft” glass may not be very durable. Prefer hard glass which is termed as dense scientific glass, which is considered to be of higher quality bongs and is more durable.

  • Bongs and percolators

If you like to use your bong with dry herbs then you will go for a water pipe that will contain more percolators but for a dab rig, go for fewer percolators as you do not like to ruin its flavor from the concentrates.

  • Bong/water pipe accessories

You may prefer the most popular accessory for bong like ash catchers, which can be removed and added to your bong. This is meant for stopping ash and debris to enter your water pipe.